Produce results and inspire commitment
Demonstrate accountability
Develop a clear roadmap to the right destination
Build shared ownership
Streamline people, processes and programs
Increase collaboration

What can a strategic or other planning process do for you?
Examine the environment in which you must survive and flourish
Question assumptions about what you do and why
Think about roles and activities in a different, more effective way
Explore alternative ways of doing your work
Make hard choices among alternatives
Established clear measures of success
Identify and build effective collaborations

Linda has done planning with our association as well as with many Community Living organizations. She does an excellent job of keeping people focused on the strategic issues. Her process always produces a realistic plan that people can buy into.
Community Living Ontario

Linda completed a survey to obtain base line information about the effectiveness of current research communications and marketing processes and activities and gathered ideas about how they can be enhanced.
National Cancer Institute of Canada

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