Build consensus and creative solutions
Stimulate open participation 
Build ownership for decisions
Effectively navigate through tough issues 
Arrive at the right solutions 
Resolve conflict and solve problems

You will receive:
a process and agenda that produces outcomes
information that leads to decisive answers
effective management of an inclusive process
reports that captures the key decisions and actions

She demonstrates a facilitation style that encourages participation of both members of the Board and staff members. I am pleased with the outcomes of all of the sessions that she has lead and have gone back to her a number of times for ‘refresher’ courses.
ALS Society of Canada

Linda possesses exceptional skills as a facilitator because she listens and is able to reflect what people say in a way that frames and adds value to the discussion. The meeting she facilitated for us last June, with our stakeholders, was deemed to be one of the most successful meetings we have ever had.
Alzheimer Society of Canada

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