Provide workshop or webinar or customized onsite training:
Inspire higher levels of performance
Build confidence to perform successfully
Adopt new ways of working

Provide customized onsite training or a workshop at major events such as conferences or meetings:
Navigating in Permanent Whitewater: Using Strategic Decision-
  making to Respond to Issues and Opportunities as they Emerge

Making it Hum: Critical Factors in Successful Networks and

Dancing with an Octopus: Creating Effective Collaborations
A Strategic Agency: You have a plan, now what?
Achieving Benchmarks of Excellence 
Creating a Culture of Accountability
A Framework for Success for Not-for-Profit Federations 
Key Roles and Responsibilities of an Effective Board
Strengthening Your Organization Through Strategic Planning
Applying Strategic Thinking to Critical Decision-making
Developing a Plan that Produces Results
Running an Effective Meeting
The Art of Persuasion: Using the Principles of Social Marketing to    Sell Your Cause
Creating and Motivating Successful Teams
Delivering Your Message with Impact: How to Make Effective

Effective Facilitation: How to Get the Most from People

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Comments from evaluations of workshops:

Linda manages to be entertaining but still shares a lot of practical information

Very energized and dynamic workshop leader

I think this session should be offered every year!

I can take this information and use it tomorrow.

Very interactive style.

©2012 Linda Mollenhauer